The project “FemSTEAM Mysteries” is based on the values of gender equality and non-discrimination between men and women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), creativity and innovative entrepreneurship. Through the adoption an innovative approach, that integrates STEM and Arts, and combines Role-Model and
Game-based methodology with a mystery story-telling digital game (escape room) that engages teenagers (age 12-15), “FemSTEAM Mysteries” aims to create a new culture and
attitude amongst teachers and students.



Although many women have contributed massively to the progress of science and technology, very few students as well as teachers in Europe learn and know about them. As a result, girls are reluctant to follow STEM careers (under 35% in scientific fields at a European level). Science is considered a “male field” and young men are usually underestimating the competence of females in those fields. The situation is similar in visual arts education. Gender inequality has led to the underrepresentation of female artists and to male domination of art history. As a result, the vast majority of the famous artists students get acquainted with, are males. In school educational material, the role of women in STEAM is highly underestimated, almost absent. Thus, a need exists for providing students with examples, paradigms and role-models, so as to keep open the option for STEAM careers for girls, and to reduce prejudices


“FemSTEAM Mysteries” is designed to counteract this tendency for gender inequality in the STEAM by bringing out the significant role of women in STEAM to students’ and teachers’ community, thereby fighting stereotypes of students and teachers, while providing role models for young girls to follow STEAM careers and also young boys to empower their female classmates and co-workers.

The OBJECTIVES of “FemSTEAM Mysteries” project are:
-To bring out the significant role of women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Maths)
-To fight stereotypes of students and teachers
-To inspire young girls through role-model game-based STEAM pedagogy to follow STEAM careers.
-To enhance acquisition of key skills and competences for STEAM studies and careers of all students (boys and girls) through engaging game based activities and a mystery

Target Groups

Young Girls

(age 12-15)

Empowering them through role-model game-based education in approaching STEAM, finding inspirational personalities and planning their careers without considering social stereotypes.

Young Boys

(age 12-15)

Empowering them to respect their female classmates and later coworkers without stereotypes by acquainting them with the importance of female
contributions in STEAM.

STEM Teachers

(in secondary education)

Enhancing their skills and professional development by providing them innovative educational methods to make the role of women visible
in their STEAM classroom.

STEM Professionals


Such as trainers, career coaches, science communicators, art curators, researchers, university staff.