The femSTEAM Game

The aims of O4- “FemSTEAM Mysteries” DIGITAL MYSTERY GAME are:

(a) To increase the visibility and bring out the role of women in STEAM
(b) To fight stereotypes of students and teachers on the competence of women in STEAM fields
(c) To inspire and empower students through role models
(d) To empower collaboration between boys and girls.

The “FemSTEAM Mysteries”:

A. is a storytelling game through which players learn about important women and men in different fields of STEAM including fine arts (e.g. painting, sculpture), physics, math, biology, natural sciences, medicine, engineering, technological innovations and inventions.

B. consists of a mystery through which players try to reveal the truth and solve the case. Based on real facts, hidden objects, elements of biography of important scientists, hidden issues, players try to solve the mystery.

C. is combined with a guidebook for playing the specific game with students in classrooms. The development of O4-”FemSTEAM Mysteries” DIGITAL MYSTERY GAME” has been carried out with the contribution of students and teachers, as well as ideas included in O2 and O3.

The game (O4) has been refined and finalized after “pilot sessions” and “game-testing sessions” among teachers, schools and students participating in the project.