O5- FemSTEAM Mysteries Library

The aim of O5- FemSTEAM Mysteries Library is:

(a) To empower students and teachers to use the tools and resources developed by the consortium and included in the Library
(b) To empower students and teachers to create their own tools and resources and share them
(c) To increase the visibility and bring out the role of women in STEAM
(d) To fight stereotypes of students and teachers on the competence of women in STEAM fields
(e) To inspire and empower students through role models
(f) To empower collaboration between boys and girls.

The online Library, which is freely accessible via the project website, includes mainly tools and resources made by the partners (material from the outputs and relevant material that partners have already developed through other projects).

However, the library also includes material developed by the students or teachers during the project through the phases of research or implementation of O1, O2, O3, O4, and O6.

This way the library consists of co-created tools on role-model, game-based STEAM education. Examples of resources that the library contains are: Biographies of famous Women or Men in STEAM, Photos or Drawing by students of STEAM personalities, comics made by the students for the life of one of those personalities, videos or animations made by students or teachers, notebooks of the implementation phase of the workshops, educational STEAM scenarios developed by teachers, etc.