Pilar Careaga Basabe

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Date of birth: 1908
Date of death: 1993
Place of origin: Spain

Pilar Careaga Basabe studied quantity surveyor and later continued at the Higher School of Industrial Engineers in Madrid (1922-1923). He finished his career in six years, the term foreseen in the study plan. He earned outstanding grades in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Railways. He had also studied languages ​​in Switzerland (German, English and French). In the last year of her studies at the Faculty she followed the subject of Railways and did an internship as a train driver, becoming the first woman to drive a train in Spain. His final degree project dealt with "History of the ETSI of Industrial Engineers of Madrid from 1901 to 1972". She was 20 years old.

Main achievements:

First mayor of Bilbao, first woman industrial engineer in Spain.

Promotion of gender equality:

In 1929 she was the first Spanish woman to graduate in industrial engineering from the Madrid School of Industrial Engineering, as well as the first woman to drive a railway. For the first time, a woman operated a train machine. Pilar Careaga y Basabé carried out their industrial engineering practices on the railroad. And he did not hesitate to put on his work overalls (uniform) and drive a '4,700' of the Norte company (Renfe was founded in 1941, after the Civil War ended and unifying the different lines that served in Spain: North, MZA, West between the most important). From the North Station of Madrid to the station of the same name in Bilbao. Quite a feat for the time.
In addition, she developed a whole political career that led her, on 07/07/1969, to become mayor of Bilbao, being the first woman to hold a mayor's office during the Franco dictatorship. She resigned as mayor on 07/07/1975 and left active politics.